Black Friday Vizio TV Deals 2013

Consumer Reports Online black friday Vizio TV deals 2013 We have a 37″ Vizio model 1021 and hove lost the screws for the TV stand, what size do we need?
Catherine-I can obtain the correct screw size for you. We have many TVs so I will need the exact model number of your TV. black friday Vizio TV deals 2013
I bought a 32″ Vizio flat screen and I loved it so much that I just bought a 40″ Vizio flat scrren LED smart TV and totally love it!!!! I was gonna get a Samsung plasma TV but now I’m glad that I didn’t !!!! black friday Vizio TV deals 2013
-It’s so great to hear that you’ve been loving your Vizio TV’s! Thanks for your support. You’re welcome ! And I’m buying my mom a Vizio 24″ flat screen TV !We got our 65″ smart vizio last year. LOVE black friday Vizio TV deals 2013. Just got a vizio smart dvd player (it was upgrade time). So far, loving it. I guess our next piece will a vizio sound system?

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